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EI Roofing is a reputable roofing service provider in Bristol and extends its services to the greater South West region.

Taking care of the roof is a necessary investment that ranges from regular maintenance and repairs that may include replacing a section of or the entire roof. It non the less can be a costly undertaking, more so if it is not handled by a professional. Get in touch with EI Roofing services via 0800 689 0971 to know more. We are roofing experts who do a complete inspection of the roof to advise you on the various issues that need to be addressed and the kind of services we offer.

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When Do You Need Our Roofing Service?

More often than not, roofs need substantive repairs after harsh winters. Cracked ridge tiles, water damage and leaks, and loose slate are just some of the serious issues. If water soaks into the underlying wooden frame, it can lead to the formation of dark spots and bulges on the ceiling creating an unsightly look. Moreover, the water can affect the structural integrity of the roofing structure making it a risk. Also, health and safety issues are in play. All these concerns are reasons roofing repairs are necessary and why they should only be handled by a professional. If you suspect or identify any roof damage, call EI Roofing to handle the issues as soon as possible. We are there for all your roofing repair needs.

Roofing Services Bristol

We years of roofing repairs and a range of other roofing-related services, we have amused a wealth of experience; thus, we can cater for all roofing needs. EI Roofing will diagnose the roofing problem and suggest the most suitable solutions. Part of our roofing service includes advising you on the best ways to maintain your roof so that it can last longer.

We are advanced roofing specialists who handle:

• Chimney stacks

• Rendering and plastering

• Fascias & Soffits

• General building repairs

• Fencing painting

• UPVC & guttering

• Roofing specialists (handling full tiled or pitched roof repairs)

Replacing Your Roof

A typical roof has a lifespan of 15 – 60 years, but that depends on the type of roofing materials. A worn out, damaged, or old looking roof and dent the value of your home. Such roofs also pose health and safety risks. As such, it is important to know the tale tell signs of a roof in need of repair or replacement.

It the extent of the damage or wear covers more than a third of your roof, the best remedy is to replace the entire roof. Some of the most notable signs to look for are curled and battered edges as well as torn roof tiles.

EI Roofing is extensively equipped with the knowledge and experience for re-roofing serving in Bristol and the greater South West region. We are always ready to give a free, no obligation quote for the service.