The First Tesla To Be Installed In Gloucester

Please check out all the images from the first Tesla to be installed in Gloucester, if you are interested in installation please call us on 08006890630 for a free quote, or contact us by click here.  


Energy Installs Sponsor Whitchurch U7’s Colt’s JFC

We are very proud to announce that we are sponsors of Whitchurch under 7’s Colts Junior Football Club!


Bristol’s Roofing Specialist

EI Roofing is a reputable roofing service provider in Bristol and extends its services to the greater South West region. Taking care of the roof is a necessary investment that ranges from regular maintenance and repairs that may include replacing a section of or the entire roof. It non the…


The World’s First Solar Hot Air Balloon Makes Debut In Bristol

We are very proud to live in Bristol today, as we have seen the worlds first solar hot air balloon take off! It has a back up propane burner. But mainly the heat from the beautiful Bristol sunshine heats up the air inside. It was designed with black material to…


Help To Save The Planet With Solar Energy In Bristol

There are two main reasons why people in Bristol will decide on having solar panels installed. The first one is to save money over the long term. Although solar thermal Bristol can seem an expensive investment upfront, due to recent price drops, and higher efficiency of the panels, they now pay for…


Why You Should Get Free Solar Panels in Bristol

As a homeowner, you may deal with a number of different expenses each month, including the electricity bill. If that bill is often high, you have probably spent some time trying to figure out what you can do to lower it and save money. Free solar panels in Bristol are…

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Finding The Right Solar Power Company In Bristol

Are you looking for a way to save money on your monthly energy bills? Are you becoming increasingly concerned with the effect that your lifestyle is having on the environment? Do you worry that we will use up all the fossil fuels and that future generations will find it difficult…


Your Guide To Choosing The Right Solar PV Installation In Bristol

Congratulations on visiting us to install solar PV in your homes. Not only it is economical, but it can also help save the environment in a lot of ways. While many residential properties have already considered to go ‘solar’, many are still unaware of how it is done, or a…


Energy Installs: A Growing Renewable Energy Company In Bristol

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the world needs to free itself from destructive energy sources such as fossil fuels. The world is entirely dependent upon fossil fuels and every scientist knows that these fossil fuels are destroying our planet slowly. It is similar to a person who…