Green Energy Options For Your Bristol Home

There are many green energy options available for your Bristol home. Whether you are having a new home built, involved in a self build project, renovating an older property or simply want to reduce your energy bills whilst helping out a struggling planet – read on. Green energy basically means…


Energy Installs – A Rising Energy Company In Bristol

We live in a world that is slowly being destroyed by deforestation, fossil fuels, and greed. Every part of our planet is under attack and something drastic will need to be done for our future generations. The first thing that should be considered by every human being is the environment….


Locating Renewable Energy In Bristol

There are many ways that people can start to avoid using regular sources of energy in order to power their homes. During the summer months, and especially during the winter, energy usage soars. Keeping your house cool when temperatures get high, or making sure that your family is warm during…


How We Know That The Renewable Energy Revolution Has Begun

In today’s society we are always looking for more ways of saving the environment while maintaining our lifestyles. Eco-friendliness and ‘being green’ have been around for years, but it is only recently that signs of the renewable energy revolution are being seen. This article will provide 7 facts into why…


Energy Installs Solar Referral Program

Refer a friend to try out Energy Installs Solar and you will earn yourself £250. Recommendations made by word of mouth are worth a lot. By doing this, we go the extra mile to ensure that someone (our clients and customers) enjoys an experience unlike any they have ever had…


Yet Another Possible Breakthrough in Solar Energy

Research in alternative energy supplies that are environmentally friendly are as popular as ever, and it appears that more new research has helped to open up some new and even more efficient ways to convert solar energy into usable electricity. In fact this isn’t just a minor advancement or another…


World’s First 3D Printed Solar Powered Stirling Engine

This is the world’s first sunlight based fueled 3D printed Stirling motor. Give me a chance to rehash. A 3D sun-powered fueled Stirling motor! Now that is chill matrix tech. This minimal astute gadget isn’t going to power your home just yet. However, it is a confirmation of the idea,…


Solar Powered House Produces More Energy Than it Consumes

Solar Powered House Produces More Energy Than it Consumes. This 800 square foot trailer is 100% independent. Carbon Positive House was intended to boost sunlight based addition and uninvolved configuration methodologies. As opposed to depending on mechanical warming and cooling, the characteristically ventilated home uses in-ground tubes to draw in…


The Power Shed – Small In Dimensions, Mighty In Power

So here it is, a call-out to all of you who have no real desire to leave your home, but reckon that a solar panel set-up will cost you the earth. The solution? Do the whole set-up on your garden shed, or even on your children’s playhouse, and ‘voila’, you…


The Biggest Solar Energy Farm In France – 112,780 Solar Panels

The hugest array of solar panels in France. France’s southern and sloping countryside has come to life with solar panels. This solar energy farm takes over around 200 hectares (approximately 494 acres). The farm is able to give sufficient power for 12,000 houses, in energy terms it can provide 100…