Commercial Solar PV


Here at Energy Installs we know that businesses feel pressure from all angles when it comes electric consumption. For starters your business is expected to do what it can to reduce CO2. On top of that you want to make sure that your costs are as low as possible so that your chances of making a profit are increased.

We’re able to install all manner of commercial solar PV systems which means that there is something for everyone. We can even help you sign up to inflation-linked feed in systems so that you get a regular pay out from the government for any energy you produce but do not use. If you run a business premise that tends to use a lot of energy 24/7 a day then this could be the ideal system for reducing your costs and reducing carbon emissions. An estimated 20% of your energy bills are used to pay for energy that you haven’t actually used – which is another thing that we can help you with.

Here at Energy Installs we recognise that everyone’s energy needs are different, so we don’t offer standard, out of the box packages. Instead we want to speak to you about your needs and your expectations so that we can make a tailor made package for you.

If you want to a free energy efficiency review then we’ll happily take a look at your energy use and how you can reduce this. Simply give us a call on 0800 689 0630 to discuss this today.


What We Can Do For You

Plan – We’ll create a renewable energy plan that is tailored to you. We’ll go through what you could be doing in the terms of solar power and the change this could make to your business.

Design – We’re solar panel enthusiasts so you can be sure that we’ll always use the most cutting edge designs to give you what you need. We have invested in comprehensive software so we can accurately model your premises and make sure that we design something that is the perfect match.

Install – Once we have decided with you what we want, we can go about installing these new products for you. We use only MCS-approved products so you can feel confident that they’re going to be up to the job at hand.

Finance – We also recognise that a big outlay like this can seem a big burden. Give us a call today about our financing and funding packages to see what we can do for you.

Support – We know that a step like this can be a big decision. We’re happy to hold your hand through the whole process right from start to finish so you know you’re going to be supported by people who know what they are doing the whole time.

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