Electric Vehicles


It might seem like a thing of the future, but actually solar powered electric cars are here and are really picking up in popularity. Imagine driving a car that is completely powered by natural energy which gives out zero emissions… Well now you can!

Here at Energy Installs we’re passionate about solar power and reducing energy usage, which is why we’re now offering help with choosing the right type of electric vehicle for your needs. We know that buying one of these vehicles is something new so we want to make sure that you can make a decision that is informed as possible. We’ll help you choose the right mode of environmentally friendly transportation as well as giving you advice about income streams such as the Feed in Tariff.

We want to make your life using an electric vehicle as each as possible, which is why we also offer a number of charger accessories to suit both domestic and commercial users.

If you want to know more about your choices when it comes to electric vehicles and what the best choice for you is then give us a call today and we’ll do what we can to make things clearer for you.

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