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Domestic Hot Water – Solar Assisted Heat Pump

Since our partners manufactured there first two versions of the little magic box we have established more about the quirks included with the UKMTB white background invented and specifically vented systems.

So now furnished with this learning we have set up together our new box with the assistance from our own in house technical group, our new British maker and all the feedback we got from you our clients, which will kill these eccentricities from effecting the execution of the new little magic box.magicBoxBritish

It is exceptional, imaginative, accredited demonstrated accredited innovation, produced in Britain under ISO 9001 and the one item available that fits in all circumstances.
The British Made Little Magic Thermodynamic Box (Solar Assisted heat Pump) is accessible for immediate inspection or through one of our distributors. You will be inspired by the bright yet straightforward innovation and the mass of advantages it gives to your client and your business as well.

Its Magic For A Reason! Works in every type of weather conditions




The Thermodynamic panel

Thermodynamic boards are an original renewable energy entity that makes high temp water by engrossing warmth from the encompassing air. They are presently the most effective renewable energy source accessible. Basically the innovation lives up to expectations in opposite to your home cooler delivering the lion’s share of your boiling hot water.

How the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box (Solar Assisted heat Pump) is connected:

The Little Magic Box system is exceptionally easy to install. We associate into the chilly feed in and the hot feed out. The chamber loads with icy water and afterward a pressure valve closes. The water in the barrel then flows through the Little Magic box until it achieves 55°C. When this is accomplished the frameworks goes into standby mode. This implies that the current chamber is used and does not need to be supplanted. The Little Magic Box accompanies one panel yet a second panel can be requested to build the recuperation rate by up to 25%

How the new British made Little Magic Box lives up to expectations

Thermodynamic Procedure

  1. The aluminum panel circulates the refrigerant fluid where vitality is consumed from the ambient temperature.little_magic_box_processes_new
  2. This changes the fluid into a gas, which conveys the warmth vitality to the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box.
  3. The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box packs the gas in pressure which expands the overall temperature.
  4. The used gas returns back to fluid which streams back to the board, permitting the procedure to rehash.
  5. At the same time, a water pump pulls icy water from the barrel into the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box.
  6. This functions as a heat exchanges which returns boiling point water to the barrel.
  7. This stream proceeds until the water in the chamber achieves 55°C.
  8. When this is accomplished the system goes into standby mode.


What we enhanced and why

In light of our encounters we have redesigned the inside format and updated individual segments. We now have a British Magic Thermodynamic Box with incomprehensibly enhanced components and execution.


European produced compressor chosen for its high proficiency and dependency bringing about an enhanced coefficiency of execution.

Water Pump:

Most recent cutting edge innovation, light composite material and low energy utilization. WRAS sanction for consumable water applications. Made in Europe.

Heat Exchanger:

Our new level plate heat exchanger has been selected for its enhanced warmth exchange qualities and works down to weight of just 0.1 bars. It is preferably coordinated for vented and unvented frameworks. Made in Europe.

Refrigerant Sight Glass:

No requirement for gages to check the refrigerant circuit, simply investigate the glass. We make it simple to analyze the system execution.


We have overhauled our controller with a period delay capacity to work the pump before the compressor begins to run. This is to improve the future of the compressor.

Vibration Pads:

These have been consolidated at the outline stage to diminish conceivable vibrations in spite of the fact that they are a bit much in all circumstances.

Temperature Sensor:

Stainless steel topped sensor and twofold protected link for higher affectability and exactness to guarantee you know the exact water temperature.


We have redesigned the pipe keeps running in the Box to enhance access to segments and decrease the likelihood of trapped air. Enhanced protection of the pipework gives better execution and diminishes buildup.

Sound Insulation:

We have enhanced the sound engrossing material which together with different changes, make this our calmest box ever.

Working Parameters:

The Little Magic Thermodynamic Box will work with all high temp water barrels and has been tried to 8 bar weight.

The Little Magic Box real size is just Width 420mm x Depth 345mm x Height 310


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