Ground Mount Solar PV Systems

Why use Ground Mount Solar PV?

What are the Benefits?

buywithconfidenceWhen we think of solar panels most of us think about panels that we are now more used to seeing on the roofs of buildings. Whilst these are a viable option, they aren’t the only option open to us and ground mount PV systems should also be considered. Ground mount PV systems allow you to generate electricity that can be used as an income, by selling the electricity generated to the government through a feed in tariff system. These payments work in different ways and will be agreed at the time of installation – whatever is agreed will be tax free and guaranteed for at least 20 years.


Here at Energy Installs we believe that our reputation speaks for itself, which means that you can buy from us with confident. We cover the whole of the South West including areas such as Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset. We offer both roof solar panels and ground mount PV systems to help ensure that there is something for everyone. Both of these have their own features and benefits and in fact one could be the solution if the other doesn’t work for you – for example if your roof doesn’t face the right direction then maybe a ground set up would be better for you. It is possible to install ground mount PV systems up to 100 meters away and there is no restriction on size – our SWA purpose made cables ensure that energy is reliably delivered to your home.


How Will It Be Installed?


We’ll come and survey the area before hand to see what installation options we have and discuss with you exactly what we’ll be doing before we carry out any work for you. Firstly we’ll need to sort out a trending system to ensure that our armoured cables can be laid down safely. We’ll also arrange and put together an aluminium framework which the solar panels will be laid on. Of course this can be designed to suit the size, shape and needs of your garden – we tailor make all of these to ensure that they are exact to your specifications.


What is the Base made from?

We can offer up a number of options to ensure that there is something perfect for you and your needs These include:

  • Aluminium Metal Framework on Membrane base, with Shingle covering.
  • Latest technology Aluminium Land Screw method.
  • Renosul Bucket system

We’ll discuss with your needs and survey the area to help decide what is going to the best option for your set up.

Does It Work in the Shade?

We offer a Solaredge system which is often the best way to get around any issues with shading. This includes a inverter being fitted to each individual panel, so that they don’t compromise the performance of each other.