Help To Save The Planet With Solar Energy In Bristol


There are two main reasons why people in Bristol will decide on having solar panels installed. The first one is to save money over the long term. free-online-quote-energyinstallsAlthough solar thermal Bristol can seem an expensive investment upfront, due to recent price drops, and higher efficiency of the panels, they now pay for themselves within 4 to 5 years. As they last for 20 years, this means a lot of free electricity. The second reason is to help save the planet by lowering greenhouse gas production. It is this last fact that seems to be the deciding factor for many people.

Over 99% of the world’s scientists now believe that man is responsible for the increase in greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. It is predicted that if the current levels of production of these gases continue, the climate will increase by an average of over 2C by the end of the century. This is not good news for the world’s population, as temperature rises means faster melting of the ice caps. This in turn will mean higher sea levels, which will have a dramatic effect on coastal regions.

This may all sound like doom and gloom, but it is possible for the human race to reduce their emissions. This year will see a new record set in the global amount of renewable energy production, and this in turn means that coal powered power stations will be pumping out less greenhouse gases. Even China is bringing to an end its construction of coal power stations, and the country is actually the biggest user of renewable energy in the world. Countries like the UK and US are now producing over 10% of their power from the likes of solar and wind.

Bristol has recently been selected as a place in which tidal turbines will be built in the future, although this technology is new, and it will take a decade or more before it starts being produced efficiently. In the meantime, residents can do their bit by installing solar panels. Most homes can run on an average of six panels, and any excess electric is fed back into the grid. This means that not only is electricity produced in the home, but residents are paid for the electric that they do not use. Solar energy Bristol are now a no-brainer, they are cost effective, efficient, and a great investment for any property.