In Roof

inroofEnergy Installs SW Ltd offers in-roof and other mounting systems for improved visual appearance and minimal planning requirements. An in-roof solar PV system is ideal for a new or renovated roof as some of the cost of the system can be offset against the saving from less roof tiles and their fitting time.

The choice of mounting type is dependent on your roof structure and your own personal preference but Energy Installs will always supply a top quality aluminium mounting system from Schuco, one of the Europe’s leading suppliers of solar photovoltaic mounting equipment.

A solar PV system installed onto a domestic property will normally be eligible for the feed-in tariff which is a scheme which pays you for all the energy generated by your solar PV system irrespective of if you use that electricity yourself or export it to the grid and sell it back to your electricity company. To qualify for the feed-in tariff you must use equipment and an installer which are all certified under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS). ( which we are )

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