Solar PV

We’re able to install solar photovoltaic panels to the roof of your home in order to capture energy from natural sunlight. Here at Energy Installs we’re able to help homes throughout the South West. The South West of England is a sun trap which means that it is the perfect location for having solar pv on your home.

Solar panels are ideal because they are able to convert sunlight into energy you can actually make use of in your home. What is even better is that they only need daylight to work, so even on dull days they’ll still be good. Thanks to a Feed in Tariff initiative by the government you are even able to sell back excess energy that has been generated and help to cut the cost of your utility bills even more. Of course you also have the fact that the cost of solar PV installation is now cheaper than ever, so the perfect way to save money on your energy consumption.

Here at Energy Installs we’re able to provide solar PV systems in two ways depending on your needs. Firstly we can just fit them on top of your existing roof tiles and secondly we can make them so that they’re built into the roof.

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